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Tenant Rent During COVID-19

We understand that our tenants may be experiencing financial hardship and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic, so Housing Choices WA has postponed rent increases until the first rent due date on or after 29 March 2021 in line with the COVID-19 Residential Tenancies Act extension. This date will be continually reviewed in line with Government advice and may be extended.

Annual Eligibility and Rent Reviews
We are still doing annual eligibility and rent reviews as they become due and we will still ask you to complete the Eligibility and Rent Review form and return it to us as usual. However, as we are postponing rent increases during the coronavirus pandemic, any rent reviews completed that result in an increase to rent payable will not become effective until the first rent due date on or after 29 March 2021.

If your rent has decreased, we will apply the decrease from the date we are advised of your change of circumstances, as usual.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) payments from Centrelink
Centrelink coronavirus payments such as the Coronavirus Supplement and the Economic Support Payment will not be used as household income when we review your eligibility and rent. However, you should still include these payments in your proof of household income.

JobKeeper Payment
If you receive the JobKeeper Payment, we will assess your rent on either your income before you started receiving this payment or after, whichever is the lowest amount.

If your household income has changed
If your household income has gone up or down, you will still need to let us know within 14 days so we can review your rent.

If family members return to live with you temporarily
If family members return home temporarily, or if someone moves in with you to care for you during the coronavirus pandemic, we will not include their income in your eligibility and rent assessment. We will, however, still need to know who is living with you, so please tell us within 14 days as usual.

We will let you know how much rent you will pay when the rent increase postponement period is over, if they remain living with you on a permanent basis.

Staying eligible for Affordable Housing is part of the conditions of your tenancy. If, during the coronavirus pandemic, your household becomes ineligible, we will not be taking any immediate action. We will advise you that you are ineligible and reassess your situation when things return to normal.

Who to contact for more information
Please contact:
• Our Rent Review Team on 9534 0409 for Eligibility and Rent Review queries.
• Our Debt Recovery Team on 9534 0425 for rent payments and arrears.
• Your Tenancy Officer on 9430 0900 for general advice on financial resources and supports.

For up-to-date information about our services and resources available to you, please continue to visit the Housing Choices WA website regularly.