Solar powers up White Gum Valley development

2 Dec 2016

img20161125140934Solar panels were recently installed at Access Housing’s property development for the Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) cooperative at White Gum Valley.

The building will also be fitted with batteries connecting to the panels, with the collected/stored energy from the solar infrastructure used to power the 12 residential dwellings and communal artists’ studio at the development.

Once completed, the SHAC development will become one of the first strata residential properties in Australia to offer residents strata community-based solar energy capture, storage and shared usage infrastructure.

In addition to being property developer and owner, Access Housing will operate as SHAC’s strata manager and take responsibility for the development’s electricity administration. This will see Access Housing essentially become an energy retailer to the property, offering tenants reduced price electricity.

The SHAC development will be one of several strata developments within LandCorp’s WGV estate to benefit from solar power infrastructure, which will allow for significant electricity bill savings to residents as they will not be solely reliant on the electrical grid. It is estimated that each strata development within the estate, including the SHAC development, will have the majority of its electricity needs met by captured solar energy.