VOTING EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY 21 OCTOBER: Cast your vote in the ACT election

10 Oct 2019

Tenants now have until the close of business on Monday 21 October to cast their vote in the Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) election.

The Access Housing ACT is a tenant-led group that provides a way for tenants to have their say and provide feedback to Access Housing on policies and procedures, tenant communication and the planning of tenant-led projects.

Over the past four months, tenants had the opportunity to nominate for a position on the committee. Now that nominations are closed, tenants can vote for the candidates they think will best represent them and other Access Housing tenants.

Tenants can vote for one candidate for each of the following executive committee positions: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Independent Living Program Representative.

There are multiple General Committee Member positions available. These positions will be filled via a random lottery. This makes sure that each tenant who nominated for a General Committee Member position gets an equal opportunity to be involved. Tenants who are unsuccessful in gaining an executive position will also go into the General Committee Member lottery.

To learn more about who the candidates are for the ACT and how you can vote for them in the ACT election, please click here and read pages four and five of the Spring edition of At Home with Access Housing. 

REMINDER: The ACT election will now close on Monday 21 October (not Monday 14 October as stated in the Spring edition of At Home with Access Housing).

If you have any queries about the ACT election process, please contact Amy Kidner on 9430 0900.

*** If you have not yet received your copy of At Home with Access Housing in your letterbox, it will arrive within the coming few days. ***

Applications now open for Access Housing’s Advisory Committee of Tenants