Tenants living with a disability take centre stage to discuss housing

14 Nov 2018

As part of International Day of People with Disability celebrations, Access Housing will host and hear from some of our highly valued tenants who are living with a severe and persistent disability during a panel event on Tuesday 4 December.

Tenants have been invited to participate as panelists during the ‘Access to Accommodation’ event where they will share their experiences of accessing and maintaining suitable affordable housing with community members and disability services professionals who have been invited to hear and learn from the panel.

Panel members will be asked to share their insights into what works well and what needs to change to further improve access to, and maintenance of, suitable and affordable homes for members of the community living with a disability.

Information, tenant insights and learnings shared during the event will be collated and shared with a range of Access Housing partners and stakeholders, including Specialist Disability Accommodation groups, to assist with improving inclusion outcomes.

In addition to providing a social and affordable housing landlord service to some of WA’s most financially and socially vulnerable people, Access Housing also develops new affordable homes that include accessible properties for people living with a disability.

International Day of People with Disability is a United Nations sanctioned day that is celebrated internationally each year on 3 December. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

For more information about Access Housing’s ‘Access to Accommodation’ panel event, please contact Alison Paterson on 9430 0900.