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Access Housing is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Views@Home Email Feedback Group

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Access Housing put all face-to-face tenant engagement activities on hold until further notice.

While we value the work we do with tenants, the health and safety of tenants and staff is our number one priority.

Access Housing recognises that this is a difficult time for many and that staying connected is more important than ever. In line with this, Access Housing has developed a new way for tenants to stay connected with Access Housing and have their say about what we do and how we deliver our services.

The Views@Home email feedback group is a new online consultation group that provides tenants with an opportunity to share their views and comment on our tenant communication activities and initiatives.

Access Housing is committed to communicating with our tenants in a way that is open, friendly, relevant and accessible. We develop fact sheets, forms, brochures, newsletters and letters each year and we want your feedback to make sure we are communicating with tenants the best way we can.

Views@Home group members will be asked to comment on Access Housing publications, forms, fact sheets and more on an occasional basis. Access Housing will consider the feedback and will incorporate tenant advice and recommendations wherever we can. All members of the feedback group will be sent a copy of what has been developed so they can see how their comments have been included.

Access Housing encourages tenants and their household members to get involved in order to remain an active part of the community and stay connected with Access Housing during the evolving COVID-19 situation.

To be involved with the Views@Home feedback group, tenants and residents must have an active email address that they check regularly.

Access Housing is committed to making our programs and services accessible to all tenants. If you need support or assistance to be involved, please let us know.

If you would like to join the Views@Home group, or have questions about Views@Home, please contact Access Housing’s Tenant Consultation and Communications Officer Amy Kidner on 0429 858 127 or email