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Survey says satisfaction high

24 Sep 2020

In 2020 Access Housing engaged the Community Housing Industry Association of New South Wales to conduct our annual Tenant Survey between 29 June – 26 July. A census approach was used and all 1,802 households managed by Access Housing as at 29 June were invited to participate in the survey. This year we received 599 valid survey responses (a 33% valid response rate).

The findings and feedback from the survey showed a high level of satisfaction amongst tenants with regards to our overall performance, customer service, property maintenance and communication during the 12 months preceding the survey.

Tenants gave Access Housing an excellent overall satisfaction rating of 92%. This rating is 17% higher than the satisfaction threshold set by the National Regulatory System for Community Housing and is 2% higher than our 2019 result. Other positive ratings included:

Condition of your home – 92%
Communication from Access Housing – 93%
Repairs: Staff helpful and attentive – 93%
Repairs: Contractor respectful and courteous – 94%
Overall satisfaction with repairs and maintenance – 90%

Thank you to all tenants who returned their completed survey to CHIA NSW before the survey closure date. Your feedback has helped us identify what is important to you and where we need to concentrate our improvements.

Congratulations to the following tenants who each won a gift card for completing the survey and returning it before the cut-off date:

Kenneth from Hilton, William from Greenfields, Ai Le from Bentley, Adrian from Winthrop, David from Hilton, Susanna from Hilton, Neville from Hillman, Margaret from Rockingham, Caitlin from Mandurah, Natalya from Thornlie, Mahmoud from Queens Park and Anthony from Withers.

Please remember that you don’t need to wait until next year’s survey to give us feedback. If you want to tell us how we are doing, call your local Access Housing office or email us at info@accesshousing.org.au.