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Programs to enhance opportunities for tenants

5 Oct 2016

In line with our Strategic Pillar of Creating Choices, Access Housing is currently working on two exciting new programs for tenants that will complement the work we do as an affordable housing landlord.

The first program will provide support to those tenants who would like extra help to secure employment, education, training and volunteering opportunities. The second program will help tenants on occasions when things may be going wrong and a helping hand is required.

To help ensure our programs add value to our tenants’ lives and create more opportunities for participation, we are seeking input and ideas from enthusiastic tenants. Read on for more information about the programs and how you, as a tenant, can register your interest to participate in program development:

There can be many barriers to re-entering the workforce for people who have been out of work for a while. Barriers can include not knowing how to prepare a resume or how to present at an interview, not having access to childcare or not having the right skills and experience for jobs that are available. Access Housing is also aware employers cannot always see what benefit a potential employee could bring to their business, so we are keen to work directly with employers to maximise job opportunities for tenants looking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Our Tenant Program Coordinator Alison Paterson has already been meeting with tenants, support providers and employment agencies to see what would be useful to help job seeking tenants secure employment. A group of employment support provider representatives have agreed to work with us to remove barriers to employment for interested Access Housing tenants. We are hoping that some tenants will also be involved in designing solutions to help create more employment choices for other tenants.

Our staff understand life can be difficult sometimes and tenants may occasionally need help to maintain their tenancy. This may mean help to budget or to keep the home neat and tidy, amongst other things.

We are reviewing the way we identify and respond to tenants who may need some extra help from time to time. We are keen to hear ideas from tenants about what we can do to help you when you need some extra assistance.

If you would like any further information about either of these programs, please contact Access Housing’s Tenant Program Coordinator Alison Paterson on 9430 0900.