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Opportunities Fund

The Housing Choices WA Opportunities Fund provides financial assistance to tenants to support their education, training and wellbeing goals.

By supporting the social and economic inclusion of our tenants we hope to help build capacity, confidence and create opportunities for tenants to reach their goals.

We aim to support aspirational tenants, or members of their household, by offering funds to assist with education courses, vocational training, study related costs and funds to support skills development and wellness activities.

The Opportunities Fund could assist you to;

gain a qualification;
follow your passion;
learn something new;
connect with your community; or
improve your health and wellness

Alongside financial support, beneficiaries of the Opportunities Fund receive ongoing guidance and support from our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes.

We have supported 27 tenants through the Opportunities Fund over the past two years. Our Opportunities Fund beneficiaries are from a range of backgrounds with diverse goals and aspirations.

Would you like more information?
Read our Opportunities Fund Fact Sheet or contact our Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes on 9430 0900 or alex.kepes@hcau.org.au.

One of our 2019 Opportunities Fund recipients, Amy, received financial support and guidance through the Opportunities Fund to study a Certificate III in Community Services.

“Wow, I can hardly believe it. I have passed my Certificate III in Community Services! I had a lot of challenges to overcome, a lot of self-doubt and low self-esteem. However, once I got over those challenges, I breezed through the course.

“One thing that helped me was the laptop I received through the Opportunities Fund to help me with my studies. I am so grateful for the support I received that helped me overcome my challenges.

“As my confidence and self-worth grew, my appearance changed as well. I started to dress professionally and started taking more pride in myself. I reached out to a local community volunteer organisation and joined their Street Outreach team and I am going to start volunteering at an after-school program to help children from domestic violence backgrounds.

“It feels so good to be giving back and also gain hands on experience while getting my qualifications. 

“This year I am entering the Certificate IV in Community Services and next year I will be doing my Diploma in Community Services. I have a plan to gain employment in the domestic violence sector so I can support, educate and help those recovering from domestic violence. I really want to give back. It is good to have goals and dreams and to be taking steps towards achieving them.

“I would like to thank Alex and the Opportunities Fund for the opportunities it has given me and the endless support.”