Our Innovation

Since 2010 Access Housing has been on a journey to diversify its business from solely managing social housing tenancies to now include a successful property development division with significant investor and home ownership sales programs and an expanded rental portfolio. In the years ahead Access Housing will continue to show itself as an innovative and dynamic company that continues to make major contributions to increasing the supply of affordable housing options in local communities, whilst better aligning our services to reflect a more responsive, choice based framework for clients.

At the forefront of our innovation philosophy is our commitment to providing quality services with a strong customer focus. Our customer focus embraces consumer choice and opportunity, including enabling people to move through the housing spectrum into home ownership.

Access Housing proudly promotes its ‘No Free Kicks’ philosophy, with an emphasis on the commercial viability of its activities and the independence and sustainability of its businesses. The company focuses on long term strategic alliances and partnerships across all business areas in preference to one-off opportunities. This is to create mutual, long term benefits and to de-risk financial or delivery exposures.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of affordable housing, Access Housing works with a range of strategic partners to offer innovative, replicable and scalable housing solutions. These solutions involve private, NFP and government investment and provide a strong platform to influence and adapt to a changing economic and political environment.

Access Housing is fundamentally about driving significant growth in social and affordable housing options. By 2020 Access Housing will be renowned for:

  • providing quality tenancy and property management services for thousands of Australians, both directly and through our strategic alliance partners;

  • our service excellence and the difference we make to people’s lives through enhanced opportunities and choices;

  • the effectiveness of our strategic alliances and partnerships with private, NFP and Government stakeholders;
  • the diversity of our affordable housing business activities and services, underpinned by strong and sustainable financial foundations;

  • being one of the most financially innovative and dynamic affordable housing providers in Australia;

  • being a significant mid-tier property developer that delivers quality homes across the market spectrum;

  • its role as a leading advocate for a sustainable social and affordable housing system in Australia.

    Whether designing and developing new affordable housing or managing tenancies and assets, Access Housing’s staff strive to ensure a balance between cost, efficiency and effectiveness within the company’s values framework. We are improving the opportunities, options and choices for our core customers as we move towards 2020 and beyond. By doing so, we are making a difference to individuals’ lives and contributing more broadly to liveable communities.

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