Creating New Markets

Our goal: Invest in research and innovation to diversify client markets and contribute to the expansion of the community housing sector.

Key Initiatives

  • Expand client markets and services
  • Contribute to community housing sector development
  • Invest in research and innovation

The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the long term devolution of client services to the NFP and private sectors and the pending impact of an ageing population opens up potential new client and locational markets for Access Housing. Market research, innovation and working with selected strategic partners will underpin successful responses to these opportunities.

As a leading affordable housing provider Access Housing can assist Local Government and community stakeholders to capacity build and develop sustainable models for the delivery and management of social and affordable housing in regional markets that currently lack options. Although Access Housing may not be a direct investor into some of these markets, it has a commitment to assist the development of a viable growth sector and to advocate for Government strategy and policy changes to support this aim.

Access Housing works closely with a number of professional research institutes and universities. Access Housing also has a dedicated Strategic Projects Office tasked with undertaking client, service and product research and evaluation and assessment of new business opportunities.