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Access Housing is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Discussing the Independent Living Program

4 Sep 2019

Access Housing staff met with some of our Independent Living Program (ILP) tenants and their carers in August to discuss our ILP service and to encourage tenants to participate in our capacity building programs.

The ILP aims to assist people aged 18-65 with severe and persistent mental illness to live independently, securely and successfully within the community in an affordable home. Access Housing is a proud housing provider to the ILP, delivering tenancy and property management services and capacity building programs for tenants. Access Housing also works with external support providers and clinics to facilitate stable support systems for ILP tenants that are tailored to each individual’s needs and circumstances.

The Independent Living Program is funded by the Mental Health Commission.

Staff from our Tenant Support and Capacity Building team were joined by our ILP Tenancy Officers for the tenant information and feedback sessions held at Fremantle, Gosnells and Mandurah. Staff used the sessions to encourage tenants to nominate for a position on the Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) and sought feedback from tenants and their carers about Access Housing’s ILP service provision. More than 30 tenants participated in the sessions and, since then, nine have nominated for a position on the ACT.

Tenants said the sessions gave them the opportunity to learn about changes to the ILP and to have their say about their housing and tenancy.

“This group made me feel like I can have some input into the way I and my family live within the ILP,” a Fremantle session attendee said.

“This group taught me lots about the progress of the ILP and the other groups that are available, such as the ACT, that will help us grow as tenants,” a Mandurah-based ILP tenant said.

Access Housing Practice Consultant Alison Paterson attended the sessions and said they provided a valuable platform for Access Housing to learn from the experiences of our ILP tenants.

“It is really important to provide opportunities for ILP tenants to have a say in the services they access, in order to continue to provide a quality ILP service,” Alison said.

“Tenants have also showed a lot of interest in our capacity building programs, which is a really positive outcome.”

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