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Access Housing is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Developments contribute to community wellbeing sustainability

4 Feb 2016

Access Housing projects within estates developed by Western Australian Government land development agency LandCorp are contributing to the agency’s community wellbeing sustainability targets while also increasing the provision of affordable housing in WA.

LandCorp is one of Access Housing’s highly valued development project partners. To date, the organisations have worked together to identify five appropriate group housing sites within LandCorp estates that have been purchased by Access Housing in order to develop a range of affordable housing options.

In LandCorp’s 2014-2015 Sustainability Report Access Housing projects within LandCorp estates at White Gum Valley, Coolbellup and Waikiki are referenced with regards to LandCorp’s commitment to provision of land for social benefit purposes that enhance community development while also allowing for affordable housing choices.


Artist’s impression of Access Housing’s development at White Gum Valley

LandCorp’s WGV at White Gum Valley estate is home to one of Access Housing’s property developments that is currently under-construction. This development will accommodate a group of working artists from the Fremantle area that have been priced out of the local private rental market. Access Housing agreed to develop the project for members of the ‘Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives’ (SHAC) cooperative. The development will contain three three-bedroom townhouses, eight two-bedroom units, one one-bedroom unit and one communal artist studio.

The SHAC development will form part of a diverse range of housing types and living options within the estate that will include apartments, maisonettes and single homes. Project architects have worked in conjunction with Access Housing and SHAC members to create a living space that will meet the needs of the tenants while also harmonising with the environmentally sustainable aims of the broader LandCorp estate.

In addition to the White Gum Valley project site, Access Housing has also purchased group housing sites from LandCorp at Coolbellup, Rockingham and Waikiki for affordable housing developments. One of the Waikiki projects reached completion in late 2015 while the other – a nine villa development that will demonstrate the Disability Services Commission ‘Liveable Homes’ Initiative – is scheduled for completion in early 2017.

Access Housing’s Rockingham and Coolbellup projects feature a range of affordable apartments and townhouses available for purchase, in addition to properties Access Housing will retain for community housing purposes.

Access Housing is proud to partner with organisations such as LandCorp that share the commitment of creating sustainable communities that deliver positive social outcomes.

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