Your Rent

Your rent is due each fortnight and must always be paid two weeks in advance. If you experience difficulties paying your rent, you should contact an Access Housing Debt Recovery Officer immediately.

How to pay

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits, we can arrange for your rent to be automatically deducted from your chosen benefit. Other methods of payment include BPAY, direct debit and internet banking.

Please speak to your Tenancy Officer for more information.

Rent Calculations

Your assessable household income and assets will determine the amount of rent you pay, up to a Maximum Rent. Each property’s Maximum Rent is calculated at 74.9% of the current market rent based on data supplied to us by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA).

When you start your tenancy – and after each Eligibility and Rent Review – you will be notified in writing of how much rent you need to pay, when the new rent will start and the formula we have used to calculate your rent. If your household income changes or someone moves in or out of your home, you must notify one of Access Housing’s Rent Calculation Officers within 14 days of the change as this may affect the rent you pay.

If the rent calculation formula has changed, we will give you 60 days written notice of the change and resulting increase or decrease. If your rent increases because of an increase in your household income, but the rent calculation formula remains the same, 60 days written notice is not required. This is called a variation of rent.

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Rent Setting Policy

Your household income and assets will determine the rent you pay.

Households who meet the very low household income and cash assets criteria will pay 25% of total gross assessable household income plus 100% Rent Assistance up to the Access Housing Maximum Rent.

Households who meet the low household income and assets criteria will pay 30% of the total gross assessable household income up to the Access Housing Maximum Rent, plus 100% Rent Assistance (if applicable.)

We use the average of the last 4 quarters median rent for a property of the same size, type and nearby location to set the Market Rent. Our Maximum rent is calculated as 74.9% of the market rent and may fluctuate.

Setting Your Rent

The rent you pay covers the costs associated with repairs, maintenance and administration of managing your property. If there is any money left over after these expenses have been paid it goes towards your property’s future refurbishment and the provision of more affordable housing.

Once a year we assess your rent. We calculate what your rent will be by taking your household’s current income and assets as a whole into consideration. If your household’s details change during the year (e.g. a child moves out) or your income changes, then you must also advise us and we will review your rent at this time. We ensure the rents we charge are below 75% of the market rent for a similar property in the locality. Please contact one of our Rent Calculation Officers if you have any questions about how we calculate your rent.


To be offered Affordable Housing you must have income and assets that do not exceed income and asset limits. You must not exceed these limits throughout your tenancy.

You will not be asked to leave your home so long as your income remains within the income and asset limits. If your household income exceeds these limits, you may be able to look at other housing options such as home ownership or private rental. If this happens, we will discuss your options with you.

If you do not return your completed Eligibility and Rent Review Form when requested, we will not be able to confirm your eligibility for Affordable Housing and your tenancy may be at risk.

Eligibility and Rent Reviews

Your rent will be reviewed once a year or each time you advise us your household income has changed. You must notify one of our Rent Calculation Officers within 14 days of any changes to your household income or if someone moves in or out of your home.

Your Rent

When we review your rent, we will ask you to complete an Eligibility and Rent Review Form. You must provide details of who is living in the property and attach proof of income, such as Centrelink income statements or wage slips, for everyone over 16 years of age. You may also need to provide us with information regarding your assets.

For your convenience, if you receive Centrelink benefits you can sign up for Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR). This is a secure, automated process that enables us to verify your income for rent calculation purposes and/or update your rent deductions if there is a change in your rent. Your rent assistance can also be updated, saving you having to personally complete a Rent Certificate each time your rent changes.