Housing Choices WA is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies


Please report all repairs or damages promptly to our Maintenance Hotline on 1800 203 383 (free call from land line). This service operates during normal office hours (8:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday).

An emergency service is available outside of these hours. Please see our After Hours Emergency Service page for more information.

Housing Choices WA has four categories of repairs;


A routine repair is organised for a situation that isn’t directly affecting your health or safety but needs to be fixed to keep your property in good condition. Examples are a cupboard handle that has deteriorated with age and needs replacing or a loose interior door handle.


These are repairs that aren’t considered urgent and do not affect your health and safety. An example of a priority maintenance issue would be a leaking tap.


These are situations that do not affect your health or safety right now but are a major inconvenience and will affect your health and safety or damage the property if not completed soon. Examples are a broken hot water service or badly leaking tap.


An emergency repair is for a situation affecting your health or safety right now or is causing serious damage to the property. Examples of emergency situations include an electrical fault that carries a risk of electrical shock or a burst water pipe. We aim to complete emergency repairs within 6 hours. Depending on the emergency, contractors may attend immediately or as soon as possible after the report is received.