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Alterations and Modifications

We recognise you may want to make alterations to your home to make it more comfortable and suitable for your needs. Please remember that you must obtain written permission from Housing Choices WA before making any alterations or modifications to your property.

Alterations can include minor or major works inside or outside your home. Common alterations include the installation of air-conditioners, satellite dishes, shelves, picture hooks or erecting shade cloth.

Please note that in the interest of child safety, we will not approve any kind of swimming pool, spa or pond water feature. This includes temporary, portable and inflatable pools or spas.

How to seek approval for alterations

It is important that you seek approval from Housing Choices WA before you carry out works at your home. If you carry out works at your home that you did not get approval for, you may be charged the cost of removing the works and the repair of any damage to the property.

To make an alteration request you must complete a Tenant Improvement Request Form and return it to your Tenancy Officer.

You are responsible for the purchase, installation and upkeep of approved modifications and we ask that you make sure all works are completed to a professional standard. Your approval letter will explain the conditions we ask you to meet when making an alteration to your home.

If you have any questions about alterations or modifications to your home, please contact your Tenancy Officer.

What happens to the alterations and modifications when I move out?

At the end of your tenancy you may need to return the property to its original condition. This may include removing alterations and modifications and repairing any damage caused by the alterations and modifications.

Tenant requests to affix furniture

You can apply for permission to affix furniture (secure furniture to wall) in order to ensure the safety of a child or person with a disability.

A change in tenancy law means landlords must allow tenants who submit a request form to fix furniture to walls to prevent a child or person with a disability from being hurt or killed by falling furniture. This can include the fixing of freestanding wardrobes, chests of drawers, televisions, tables and benches.

How to seek approval for affixing furniture

You must complete a Tenant Request to Affix Furniture Form (Form 24) and return to your Tenancy Officer. Housing Choices WA may refuse a request if;
a) affixing the item to the wall would disturb material containing asbestos; or
b) the premises are entered in the Register of Heritage Places; or
c) the premises is situated in a strata scheme with by-laws prohibiting the affixing of the item to the wall of the premises.

What happens to the affixed furniture when I move out?

You must notify Housing Choices WA in writing of any damage caused by affixing and/or removing furniture. You are also responsible for any repairs required to fix the damage.

You must remove the items from the wall at the end of your tenancy and restore the wall to its original condition unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Additional information on furniture stability and safety in the home

Please click here to read the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety’s fact sheet on Furniture Stability.