Housing Choices WA is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Creating Choices

creating choicesOur goal: Provide customer focused, best practice services that enhance choice and opportunity.

Key Initiatives

  • Sustain tenancies

  • Provide efficient, effective services

  • Create choices and opportunities for our customers

  • Create effective pathways into and out of social housing

A paradigm shift is occurring in how social and community services are funded in Australia, with a move away from ‘block funding’ for service providers and towards individualised funding and income support. This enables customers to shop around to purchase their optimum mix of services and also introduces pricing competition between service providers.

Access Housing is reshaping its customer focus to better align with this more competitive, choice based framework. Efficiency in the delivery of core tenancy and property management services provides the resource foundations to enable Access Housing to invest in consumer ‘value adds’ including more flexible policy and service delivery options and working with strategic partners to facilitate tenant access to education, training and employment options to increase financial resilience and break welfare dependency.

An enduring focus for Access Housing is to ensure that our social housing services are underpinned by a philosophy of sustaining tenancies. Security of tenure is a hallmark point of difference between ourselves and private landlords and is supported by a range of service agreements and partnerships with community service and Government agencies. These support services can be the critical difference between sustained tenancies and homelessness. Secure tenancies provide an important platform from which people in crisis can stabilise and look forward to positive changes in their life circumstances.

Working across the housing spectrum at scale places Access Housing in a strong position to facilitate pathways into and out of the social housing system. A key focus is engagement with frontline homelessness services and Government to break down the barriers of entry into social housing for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. At the other end of the housing continuum Access Housing is increasing home ownership opportunities for some of our tenants and other modest income earners in the broader community. Tenant sales programs and access to shared equity housing options are key components of this strategy.