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COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund

Have you been impacted by COVID-19?
Do you need support to stay home and stay well during self-isolation?
Do you need assistance accessing food, household items and medicines?
Do you need support to stay connected online?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the Housing Choices WA COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund may be able to help.

The Housing Choices WA COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund aims to provide financial and other support to tenants and residents in order to reduce financial and wellbeing impacts of COVID-19.

How could the COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund help me?
The fund could support you to access essential goods and services, stay connected to your community and feel secure in your tenancy. Housing Choices WA staff will work with eligible tenants to assess individual needs and see how we can assist you with dealing with the impacts of COVID-19.

What if I need other support or don’t need help now but may need help later?
Housing Choices WA is committed to providing the right assistance at the right time. If you need a different kind of assistance to what is listed above, we are happy to work with you to consider your circumstances.

We will be providing individualised help to tenants over the next three months that will evolve with the COVID-19 situation and the resulting needs of tenants.

Who can apply for help through the COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund?
The Tenant Hardship Fund will focus on helping tenants who are most at risk of COVID-19 and those that are the most impacted by government mandated COVID-19 response measures. This can include tenants and residents who are:

• over 60 years of age and/or living with chronic physical and/or mental health issues;
• over 70 years of age;
• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and aged over 50 years;
• living in a high-density environment such as a lodge or complex;
• families with school aged children at home; and/or
• people under 60 years of age who are immune compromised and/or have a respiratory illness.

While the above list highlights those who could be most at risk and in need of extra support during this time, Housing Choices WA will consider each tenant’s needs and circumstances individually to determine how we may be able to help.

How can I access the COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund?
If you think you need assistance, contact your Tenancy Officer or Housing Choices WA’s Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes by calling 9430 0900 and we will talk to you about your situation to understand your needs.

What happens if I am not eligible?
If you are not eligible for assistance through our COVID-19 Tenant Hardship Fund, we will work with you to find other services and support agencies in your community that may be able to help you.