Conference call for Financial Workshops

21 Aug 2019

Access Housing’s collaborative and award-winning How to Manage on a Low Income financial workshops will take centre stage at the 2019 Financial Counsellors’ Association of WA & Community Resilience and Relief Conference in October.

In partnership with the Financial Counselling Network, Access Housing commenced How to Manage on a Low Income financial workshops in 2017. Each workshop aims to assist participating tenants to improve their financial knowledge and resilience, awareness of financial services and confidence to access these services. Access Housing staff and a local financial counsellor facilitate the workshops, but the sessions are ultimately led by tenants who determine what areas of money management they would like to discuss. Tenants are invited to drive conversation and share their cost saving knowledge and ideas to assist and empower their fellow tenants because they are viewed as the experts in the room, not the financial counsellor.

“It has been great to see so much local knowledge sharing from tenants during the workshops and the overwhelming feedback has been that everybody has learnt from each other,” Access Housing’s Tenant Engagement and Capacity Building Officer Alex Kepes said.

The workshop model engages financial counsellors in collaborative work with tenants and builds their capacity to reach individuals who would not usually access their services. In addition to providing information about budgeting and financial services available to tenants and the broader community, financial counsellors are also able to learn from tenants who have managed on a low income for a number of years.

Alex and Celia Dufall from the Financial Counselling Network will discuss the How to Manage on a Low Income financial workshop model on the closing day of the conference.

“Our desire is to share an innovative participatory standardised model that has potential to lift financial wellbeing and will link in well with the ‘Be Inspired’ conference theme,” Celia said.

The conference has been convened by the Financial Counsellors’ Association of WA and the Community Resilience and Relief sector and will be held at the Duxton Hotel in Perth from 21-23 October. 

The Financial Counsellors’ Association of WA works with its members to ensure people experiencing financial hardship get the free, impartial support they need to regain control financially, to escape debt and to move on with clarity and confidence.

The WA Council of Social Service (WACOSS) supports and represents the Community Relief and Resilience sector, which is comprised of stakeholders from frontline emergency and food relief providers, other crisis responders, government agencies and funding bodies, as well as the people and communities who use these services.

For more information about the conference, please visit the event website by clicking here.