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Changes to our Tenancy Services Division and what it means for tenants

2 May 2016

Access Housing has recently undertaken a review of our Tenancy Services Division and how we can best deliver our services to our highly valued tenants. This review has resulted in changes that will improve our service to each of our tenants and ensures the service tenants receive is consistent, efficient and of the highest standards. Some services will stay the same, some will change slightly and some new specialist services have been created.

Changes that will take effect within our Tenancy Services Division include:

1) Housing Coordinators will now be known as Tenancy Officers. Your Tenancy Officer will be your main point of contact with Access Housing. They will complete your property inspections and will help deal with any issues you may be experiencing during your tenancy. Depending on where you live, you will be allocated a specific Tenancy Officer. In the event that your Tenancy Officer is unavailable, we have a team of friendly Tenancy Assistants on standby to assist you with your inquiries.

2) A new specialist team dealing with all Tenant Payments and Debt Recovery will deal with your payments and will advise you if/when things go wrong with your payments. They will also assist you to get back on track quickly with your payments.

3) A new Eligibility and Rent Calculation team that specialises in checking whether you remain eligible for Community Housing will take effect. This team will also set your rent.

First 2 teams

Remaining teams and grid

Please Note: If your property is in Rockingham or Kwinana, your local office will now be our Head Office in Fremantle, not our Mandurah Office. However, if it is more convenient for you, our staff can meet with you at our Mandurah Office.

Have you changed your contact details?: To help us improve the quality of service we provide you, we need to know if your phone number changes. When you contact someone in our Tenancy Services Division, they will ask you to confirm your phone number as well as your email address. In future we will be looking to contact you more often via email rather than through the post.

Your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. We are introducing security questions which, when used, will help us confirm your identity. When you contact us we will ask you to select a security question that has an answer only you should know e.g. What is the name of your first pet? We will record your answer and use it for verification purposes when we talk to you. If you forget the answer to your security question we will ask some other questions to confirm who you are and will then reset your security question for you. If you would like another person to deal with your tenancy matters on your behalf, you will need to provide us with written authorisation allowing them to do so.