CEO and CFO to present at Financial Models for Affordable Housing Conference

4 Jan 2016

Access Housing’s Chief Executive Officer Garry Ellender and Chief Financial Officer Ian Aiyathurai are part of an expert line-up of speakers and panellists that will feature at the Financial Models for Affordable Housing Conference in Sydney on 16 and 17 February.

Financial models and innovation strategy continue to stand at the forefront of future opportunities and growth for the community housing sector in Australia. The government’s perspective on risk, decision making and policy is integral to accomplishing the end goal of increased housing supply for this sector.

Access Housing CFO Ian Aiyathurai

Access Housing CFO Ian Aiyathurai

However, given the current fiscal environment where government funding and subsidies remain severely constrained, new and more sophisticated ways are necessary to meet the needs of the current and emerging markets. Flexible financial models and innovative strategies will be key drivers to developing and diversifying new capital and enable a business model not solely reliant on government funding for its viability.

The conference, themed Diversifying through innovation in strategy & financial modelling to achieve project outcomes, will see speakers like Garry and Ian discuss a range of topics including updates on government policies, innovative financial models, private investment and alternative income sources and social housing bonds.

For more information about the conference, please click here.