VOTING EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY 21 OCTOBER: Cast your vote in the ACT election

Tenants now have until the close of business on Monday 21 October to cast their vote in the Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) election.

The Access Housing ACT is a tenant-led group that provides a way for tenants to have their say and provide feedback to Access Housing on policies and procedures, tenant communication and the planning of tenant-led projects.

Over the past four months, tenants had the opportunity to nominate for a position on the committee. Now that nominations are closed, tenants can vote for the candidates they think will best represent them and other Access Housing tenants.

Tenants can vote for one candidate for each of the following executive committee positions: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Independent Living Program Representative.

There are multiple General Committee Member positions available. These positions will be filled via a random lottery. This makes sure that each tenant who nominated for a General Committee Member position gets an equal opportunity to be involved. Tenants who are unsuccessful in gaining an executive position will also go into the General Committee Member lottery.

To learn more about who the candidates are for the ACT and how you can vote for them in the ACT election, please click here and read pages four and five of the Spring edition of At Home with Access Housing. 

REMINDER: The ACT election will now close on Monday 21 October (not Monday 14 October as stated in the Spring edition of At Home with Access Housing).

If you have any queries about the ACT election process, please contact Amy Kidner on 9430 0900.

*** If you have not yet received your copy of At Home with Access Housing in your letterbox, it will arrive within the coming few days. ***

Applications now open for Access Housing’s Advisory Committee of Tenants

Access Housing on display during 2019 WA Mental Health Week

As part of 2019 WA Mental Health Week activities, Access Housing will have a stall at the Peel Wellness Wednesday event at Mandurah Foreshore on Wednesday 9 October.

Peel Wellness Wednesday is held annually in Mandurah during Mental Health Week, which this year is being celebrated between October 6 – 12 in WA.

Peel Wellness Wednesday is a free family fun day that shines a light on the importance of good mental health and ways people can get positively involved in their community to maintain and improve their mental wellness.

Access Housing’s stall will have games, giveaways and information about how to apply for Community Housing, so come and say hi!

Access Housing will also be attending and exhibiting at an event at Eudoria Street Centre in Gosnells on Wednesday 9 October to create awareness of Access Housing and our Independent Living Program.

The Independent Living Program aims to assist people aged between 18 and 65 with severe and persistent mental illness to live independently and securely. The program provides support tailored to each individual’s circumstances and needs. Click here for more information about the Independent Living Program. 

For more information about events you can get involved with during 2019 WA Mental Health Week, visit

Housing on the agenda at 2019 WAAMH Conference

Access Housing Practice Consultant Alison Paterson will join staff from Rise, Pathways South West, Foundation Housing and UnitingCare West to discuss the Supportive Landlord concept on stage at the WA Mental Health Conference 2019.

“In the context of contemporary conversations about best practice approaches to housing people with mental health and alcohol and drug issues, it is argued that Supportive Landlords play an important circuit breaker role for people who are disengaged from support services in order for them to remain housed,” Alison said.

“I look forward to presenting on the Supportive Landlord model with staff from other housing providers who participate in the Mental Health Commission-funded Independent Living Program.”

The presentation will seek to clarify the kinds of services a Supportive Landlord provides as part of a ‘Person-Centred Support Linked to Housing’ approach, which aims to provide access to housing and to help sustain tenancies. It will also examine some of the issues experienced in delivering this approach as identified by existing Independent Living Program providers.

The presentation will also propose how a Supportive Landlord service could be reformulated in the context of the five key focus areas identified in the Draft Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Accommodation and Support Strategy (2018-2025) to improve its scope, responsiveness, flexibility and ability to target those who need it most.

The WA Mental Health Conference 2019 will be hosted by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, with the support of the WA Mental Health Commission. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Perth on 19 – 20 November.

The conference aims to develop, strengthen and support WA’s mental health sector, provide collaboration opportunities for mental health workers and people with lived experience and share resources, perspectives and best practice so people can move forward in the same direction with clear actions and solutions in mind.

For more information about the conference, please click here.

Discussing the Independent Living Program

Access Housing staff met with some of our Independent Living Program (ILP) tenants and their carers in August to discuss our ILP service and to encourage tenants to participate in our capacity building programs.

The ILP aims to assist people aged 18-65 with severe and persistent mental illness to live independently, securely and successfully within the community in an affordable home. Access Housing is a proud housing provider to the ILP, delivering tenancy and property management services and capacity building programs for tenants. Access Housing also works with external support providers and clinics to facilitate stable support systems for ILP tenants that are tailored to each individual’s needs and circumstances.

The Independent Living Program is funded by the Mental Health Commission.

Staff from our Tenant Support and Capacity Building team were joined by our ILP Tenancy Officers for the tenant information and feedback sessions held at Fremantle, Gosnells and Mandurah. Staff used the sessions to encourage tenants to nominate for a position on the Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) and sought feedback from tenants and their carers about Access Housing’s ILP service provision. More than 30 tenants participated in the sessions and, since then, nine have nominated for a position on the ACT.

Tenants said the sessions gave them the opportunity to learn about changes to the ILP and to have their say about their housing and tenancy.

“This group made me feel like I can have some input into the way I and my family live within the ILP,” a Fremantle session attendee said.

“This group taught me lots about the progress of the ILP and the other groups that are available, such as the ACT, that will help us grow as tenants,” a Mandurah-based ILP tenant said.

Access Housing Practice Consultant Alison Paterson attended the sessions and said they provided a valuable platform for Access Housing to learn from the experiences of our ILP tenants.

“It is really important to provide opportunities for ILP tenants to have a say in the services they access, in order to continue to provide a quality ILP service,” Alison said.

“Tenants have also showed a lot of interest in our capacity building programs, which is a really positive outcome.”

For more information about the ILP, please click here. 

Access Housing @ NHC 2019

A delegation of Access Housing staff is looking forward to attending the 2019 National Housing Conference and 2019 Australasian Housing Institute (AHI) Professional Excellence in Housing Awards Gala Dinner in Darwin this week.

Access Housing and our staff and partners are nominated for three awards at this year’s AHI awards dinner following as many wins at the WA regional awards in May. Best of luck to our South West lodging house caretaker Paul (Inspirational Team Member award nominee), our How to Manage on a Low Income financial workshops (Leading Community Engagement Practice award nominee) and to the Ruah Community Services-led 50 Lives, 50 Homes program (Excellence in Social Housing award nominee), to which Access Housing is a housing partner. The awards dinner will be held on the eve of the conference on Tuesday 27 August. For more information about the 2019 AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards, please click here. 

Access Housing has participated in a number of national housing research projects and one will be discussed on day two of the conference. Access Housing General Manager Corporate Services Lyn Brun has been involved on the national steering group of the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre’s Procuring Social and Affordable Housing: Improving Access and Delivery research project and worked closely with Project Lead Dr Judy Kraatz. Dr Kraatz will discuss the project during a think-tank event focusing on Social Impact Investment on Thursday 29 August.

The National Housing Conference is held every two years and is the largest gathering for the social and affordable housing sectors in Australasia. The conference focuses on the national housing conversation and big picture national challenges, with perspectives provided by delegates and speakers from every state and territory. For more information about the 2019 National Housing Conference, please click here.