General Housing

General Housing

General Housing is allocated to applicants that are on the Housing Authority’s Joint Wait List for accommodation and have indicated that they wish to be considered for Community Housing. An application form can be downloaded from their website. Alternatively, click here for more information about applying for housing with the Housing Authority.

What is the Joint Wait List?
The Housing Authority manages a central list of applicants, which is shared by a number of housing providers including Access Housing.

To be listed on the Joint Wait List you must apply directly to your local Housing Authority office and prove that you are an eligible applicant. When completing the Housing Authority application remember to tick the ‘include me for Community Housing’ box if you wish to authorise Community Housing providers like Access Housing to view your application. If you do not tick this box Community Housing providers will not be aware of your application and will not be able to consider you for an offer of housing.

If you forget to tick the ‘include me for Community Housing’ box on the application form, or you did not select it but wish to be included for Community Housing at a later date, you can authorise the Housing Authority to amend this question on your application.

Click on the link for more information about the Housing Authority Joint Wait List.