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Access Housing is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Advisory Committee of Tenants

What is the Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants?

The Access Housing Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) is a tenant-led group that meets every two months to discuss issues important to tenants and Access Housing.

The ACT provides tenants and tenant carers with an avenue to have their say about what we do and how we deliver our services. The ACT also guides decision-making on how we communicate and engage with tenants and gives direct feedback to Access Housing about our policies, procedures, strategy and service delivery. As part of the ACT you can:

  • advise on how Access Housing communicates with tenants
  • share your ideas and generate solutions
  • provide feedback on Access Housing policies, procedures, strategy and service delivery
  • assist in planning tenant projects and other opportunities for tenants to get involved

How was the ACT developed?

The ACT was developed by tenants!

Throughout 2019, Access Housing worked with a group of tenants to co-design the Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct for the Advisory Committee of Tenants. This means that Access Housing tenants made joint decisions with staff on what the ACT would look like and how the committee would operate.

Why join the ACT?

Joining the ACT may help you to:
• have your voice and ideas heard
• develop new skills and confidence
• get involved in your community
• connect with and get to know other tenants
• make a difference to other tenants

Who can be a member?

Any Access Housing tenant or lodge resident can apply to join the Access Housing ACT. Carers of Access Housing tenants can also apply.

Training and Support

Access Housing is committed to providing the training and support that tenants need to feel comfortable and confident in their roles as tenant representatives. Each ACT member will receive consumer participation training and ongoing support from Access Housing throughout their time on the committee.

Your 2020 Advisory Committee of Tenants

Click here to meet the members of your ACT for 2020.

How to be involved

Become an ACT member
A new advisory committee is elected each year by tenants. Access Housing opens nominations for the ACT each June. Tenants can nominate themselves for a number of roles on the ACT.

For more information about ACT positions, please click here.

Other ways to be involved
If you prefer not to attend meetings or be part of a formal group, you can still contribute to the work of the ACT.

If you have general issues or ideas that you would like the ACT to discuss, you can submit them for discussion by calling Access Housing’s Tenant Consultation and Communications Officer Amy Kidner on 9430 0900 or 0429 858 127 or by emailing

You can also stay informed about what the ACT is doing by reading the quarterly tenant newsletter and continuing to visit the Access Housing website.

More ACT information

ACT Terms of Reference
ACT Code of Conduct