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Access Housing is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group of Companies

Advisory Committee of Tenants during COVID-19

The ACT must go on!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Access Housing put all face-to-face tenant engagement activities, including Advisory Committee of Tenants (ACT) meetings, on hold until further notice.

Access Housing recognises that this is a difficult time for many and that providing ways for tenants to have their say about our services and staying connected is more important than ever. In line with this, Access Housing has been working with the ACT to find alternate ways of getting their feedback until we can recommence face-to-face groups.

We are excited to announce that, until further notice, the ACT will be operating remotely as the inaugural members of our Views@Home Email Feedback Group until we can recommence face-to-face meetings.

ACT members will share their views on two discussion topics each month via email. Access Housing will collate the ACT’s feedback and incorporate and action tenant advice wherever possible.

Access Housing’s General Manager of Community Housing Natalie Sangalli will continue to be involved in the ACT by participating in planning sessions with the ACT Chair and Deputy Chair via video call and email discussions. She will also be involved in decision making with all ACT members.

This new, temporary way of working will also provide an opportunity for the ACT to give feedback on their experiences of being in an email-feedback group, which will further inform the advent of, and way we deliver, our tenant programs.

We are excited to kick off our first remote discussions at the start of May. Please look out for updates about the ACT on our website and in the quarterly At Home with Access Housing Tenant Newsletters.

Tenants can continue to be involved with the work of the ACT by submitting ideas for discussion each month!

Do you have any general issues or ideas that you would like the ACT to discuss? If you do, please contact Access Housing’s Tenant Consultation and Communication Officer Amy Kidner on 0429 858 127 or by emailing

For more information about the ACT, please click here.