Access Housing unveils new corporate video

12 Jan 2016

Have you ever wanted to know what and how Access Housing does what it does and you only have two and a half minutes available to find out? If so, then you should check out our new corporate video.

Find out about what we’re doing to tangibly increase the supply of affordable housing in WA, how we’re optimising opportunities for our tenants to move into and out of social and affordable housing, how we’re proudly partnering with agencies to further assist tenants (beyond our role of landlord) and how our commitment to supporting the development of a viable community housing sector is seeing us work with a range of stakeholders to build capacity and develop sustainable models for the delivery and management of affordable housing.

Two of our highly valued tenants also share their experiences on how Access Housing has positively impacted their lives – something Access Housing takes great pride in being able to do.

To view the video, simply visit the ‘About Access Housing’ page by hovering your mouse cursor over the ‘About’ tab in the navigation bar or click here.