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Access Housing secures National Standards for Mental Health Services accreditation

30 Sep 2020

Access Housing is proud to announce the company has been awarded full accreditation against the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

Accrediting body Quality Innovation Performance Limited (QIP) advised Access Housing in late September that the company had achieved full accreditation, based on our best practice Independent Living Program (ILP) service delivery.

The ILP is a Mental Health Commission-funded program that enables people with severe and persistent mental health issues to live independently in the community, with supports in place to assist with sustaining tenancies.

Access Housing is one of several Community Housing providers delivering the ILP in Western Australia. We proudly provide homes to more than 270 tenants through the program. Our delivery of the ILP is premised on a Supportive Landlord service, which involves providing person-centred support linked to housing. The Supportive Landlord service model is itself underpinned by the National Standards of Mental Health Services and provides:

  • strength-based tenancy management;
  • support coordination that involves maintaining collaborative partnerships with mental health services;
  • tenant engagement and capacity building programs;
  • choice and control around how ILP tenants maintain their tenancy, wellbeing and connection to community; and
  • opportunities for ILP tenants and carers to have their say around the development, delivery and review of our ILP service.

Over the past 12 months, Access Housing enhanced our focus on consulting with tenants, carers, staff and external partners to refine our ILP service as we progressed on our journey for National Mental Health Service accreditation. In doing so, we continued to be amongst sector leaders in ILP service delivery. Throughout the review and enhancement of our ILP service, Access Housing provided meaningful opportunities for ILP tenants and carers to inform our ILP service delivery. Our ILP tenants and carers were provided with additional resources about the program, as well as opportunities to provide feedback via ILP Information and Feedback sessions, ILP tenant satisfaction surveys and via the Advisory Committee of Tenants ILP Tenant Representative.

Our accreditation against the National Standards for Mental Health Services is current until 21 September 2023.