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Access Housing partner in profile – Diversity South

24 Jan 2017

Access Housing proudly works with a number of support service organisations operating in the disability, mental health, homeless, youth housing, domestic violence, aged care and substance addiction sectors by providing secure, sustainable and affordable housing for mutual clients.

Throughout 2017 accesshousing.org.au will profile support service providers we partner with to showcase Access Housing’s and our partner organisations’ commitment to the community.

Partner in Profile – Diversity South
Since 1994, not for profit organisation Diversity South has evolved into a respected, dynamic provider of disability supports and offers services to adults with intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities from Kwinana to south of Mandurah and east to Boddington.

DS logo for websiteIndependence and active citizenship are promoted across all Diversity South programs including their Lifestyle Program (accommodation) and Community Program (Alternatives to Employment, My Way, Family Support, Collaborative Partnerships and Recreation).

Diversity South offers each individual the opportunity to participate in recreational and social activities of their choosing, with community participation in local events, clubs, indoor and outdoor activities.

Living in a Diversity South community based home gives each individual the chance to live in their own home with opportunity for skills development in all areas of need including personal care, cooking and day-to-day household duties, with every person participating to the level of their abilities.

“The partnership between Diversity South and Access Housing has allowed for a number of people in the Peel region living with a disability to live independently within their community in Access Housing properties close to their family, friends and support services.

“The team at Access Housing are committed to working with Diversity South to help us meet the needs of our clients. We highly value the role Access Housing plays in helping us assist, and enhance the lives of, our clients through their provision of affordable housing.” Jillian Liddelow-Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, Diversity South Inc.

For more information about Diversity South, click here to visit their website.

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