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What is Community Housing?

Community Housing is a term used to describe rental housing that is affordable for people and households on low to moderate incomes.

Community Housing is comprised of Social Housing (for low income earners) and Affordable Housing (for low-moderate income earners) that is usually owned and/or managed by Community Housing Providers like Housing Choices WA. Community Housing is different to Public Housing, which is housing managed by government.

As Community Housing Providers are smaller than Public Housing agencies, they can provide a more personalised service for tenants. Housing Choices WA prides itself on its customer focused services it provides to tenants.

Community Housing tenants are able to access Commonwealth Rental Assistance, which is not available to Public Housing tenants.

Most Community Housing Providers are registered not-for-profit organisations, which allows for any profits made through the leasing of Community Housing properties to be reinvested into servicing and developing additional Community Housing properties.

How do I apply for Community Housing?
For more information about how to apply for Community Housing, please visit the Apply for Housing section of our website.