Our Social Impact

Well located, affordable housing that is underpinned by secure tenure is a fundamental human right and provides a necessary foundation to create opportunities for a better life. Without the security of a decent home it is difficult for people to optimise their social and economic potential. Housing is an essential pre-requisite for economic participation, educational achievement, access to employment and training, community participation, health outcomes and quality of life. Without a home everything else becomes secondary to the overwhelming need to secure shelter.

The economic and social costs of homelessness to the community in terms of increased impact on health and community services, the justice system and mental health services are significant. In 2013 the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute estimated that it costs the WA community, on average, an additional $29,450 per annum to provide services (health, welfare, justice) to a person who is homeless or $706,240 over their lifetime.

Access Housing is committed to its socially responsible role of providing and increasing the supply of social and affordable housing in Western Australia. This commitment not only benefits our prospective and current tenancy base of low to moderate income earners seeking sustainable and secure housing, but also the wider community.

As at 30 June 2017