About Access Housing



Access Housing is one of Western Australia’s leading providers of Community Housing, specialising in tenancy and property management and property development for low to moderate income earners including seniors, people living with a disability or mental health illness, families and singles.

Property and Tenancy Management Services:

  • affordable rental options for low to moderate income earners; and

  • social rental housing for people on benefits or very low incomes

Affordable Housing Property Development:

  • properties to be retained by Access Housing for social and affordable rental housing;

  • properties for sale to investors under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) to increase the provision of affordable rental housing; and

  • properties for sale for affordable home ownership

Access Housing is a public benevolent institution, an income tax exempt charity and deductible gift recipient. Established in 2007 under the Corporations Act as a not-for-profit (NFP) company limited by guarantee, the company was formed from the merger of three smaller community housing organisations.

Access Housing is a registered Growth Provider with the WA Housing Authority. Growth Providers are NFP housing companies with a proven track record in property and tenancy management that have the financial capacity and capability to undertake property developments to increase the supply of aff˜ordable housing in WA.

At 30 June 2016, Access Housing managed more than 1,700 tenancies and employed more than 80 full-time staff equivalents working from offices located in Fremantle, Mandurah and Bunbury.

Access Housing Australia’s Vision

Access Housing Australia is a leading affordable housing provider, delivering strong growth in housing options, which make a difference in people’s lives.

Access Housing Australia’s Purpose

To enhance opportunities for people in need through the provision of affordable housing solutions and quality services.

Access Housing Australia’s Strategic Objectives

  • Strategic Leadership (Creating Awareness): provide strategic leadership on housing affordability issues

  • Sustainable Growth and Capacity (Creating Homes): Significantly increase affordable housing choices in local communities

  • Making A Difference (Creating Choices): Provide customer focused, best practice services that enhance choice and opportunity

  • Sector Development and Innovation (Creating New Markets): Invest in research and innovation to diversify client markets and expand the role of the community housing sector

Access Housing proudly promotes its ‘No Free Kicks’ philosophy, with an emphasis on the commercial viability of its activities and the independence and sustainability of its businesses. The company focuses on long term strategic alliances and partnerships across all business areas in preference to one-off opportunities. This is done to create mutual, long term benefits and to de-risk financial or delivery exposures.

Access Housing is also committed to providing quality services with a strong customer focus. Whether designing and developing new affordable housing or managing tenancies and assets, Access Housing’s staff strive to ensure a balance between cost, efficiency and effectiveness within the company’s values framework. We are improving the opportunities, options and choices for our core customers as we move towards 2020 and beyond. By doing so, we are making a difference to individuals’ lives and contributing more broadly to liveable communities.

Access Housing Australia’s Values

Fairness, Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, Cooperation.