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We are one of Western Australia’s largest Community Housing providers, with nearly 2,000 homes across the Perth, Peel and South West regions under management. Driven by a commitment to enhance opportunities for people in need through the provision of affordable housing solutions, Access Housing is tangibly making a difference to the lives of Western Australians seeking affordable, sustainable homes.

11 Jul 2018

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From homeless to ‘home’: Access Housing and the ‘50 Lives 50 Homes’ program

Access Housing has been a proud partner in Ruah’s ‘50 Lives 50 Homes’ (50L50H) initiative since its launch in 2015. 50L50H sees more than 20 partner organisations work collaboratively to permanently house and adequately support homeless people who are identified as being the most vulnerable based on their physical and/or mental health needs and the length of time they have been homeless. Program clients are identified through a …